Member State Associations

California Association for Health Services at Home

Dean Chalios, President

Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home

Tracy Wodatch, President and CEO

Home Care Association of Florida

Bobby Lolley, Executive Director

Illinois HomeCare & Hospice Council

Sara Ratcliffe, Executive Director

Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care, Inc.

Evan Reinhardt, Executive Director

Iowa Center for Home Care

Julie Adair, Vice President of Home Care

Kansas Home Care and Hospice Association

Jane Kelly, Executive Director

Kentucky Home Care Association

Evan Reinhardt, Executive Director

HomeCare Association of Louisiana

Warren Hebert, CEO

Home Care & Hospice Alliance of Maine

Laurie Belden, Executive Director

Maryland-National Capital Homecare Association

Caitlin Houck, Executive Director

Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts

Jake Krilovich, Executive Director

Michigan HomeCare & Hospice Association

Barry Cargill, President & CEO

Minnesota Home Care Association

Kathy Messerli, Executive Director

Missouri Alliance for Home Care

Carol Hudspeth, Executive Director

Montana Hospital Association

Heather O’Hara, Vice President

Nebraska Association for Home Healthcare and Hospice

Janet Seelhoff, Executive Director

Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance of New Hampshire

Gina Balkus, CEO

Home Care & Hospice Association of New Jersey

Nancy Fitterer, President & CEO

New Mexico Association of Home & Hospice Care

Meggin Lorino, Executive Director

Home Care Association of New York State

Al Cardillo, President & CEO

New York State Association of Health Care Providers, Inc.

Kathy Febraio, President & CEO

Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina, Inc.

Timothy Rogers, President & CEO

Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice

Joe Russell, Executive Director

Oklahoma Association for Home Care & Hospice

Annette Mays, CEO

Oregon Association for Home Care

Sabrina Riggs, Executive Director

Pennsylvania Homecare Association

Mia Haney, CEO

South Carolina Home Care & Hospice Association

Timothy Rogers, President & CEO

South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations

Tammy Hatting, VP Post Acute Care & Education

Tennessee Association for Home Care

Maegan Carr Martin, JD, Executive Director

Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice

Rachel Hammon, Executive Director

Homecare and Hospice Association of Utah

Matt Hansen, Executive Director

VNAs of Vermont

Jill Olson, Executive Director

Virginia Association for Home Care & Hospice

Marcia Tetterton, Executive Director

Home Care Association of Washington

Carissa Linnane, Executive Director

West Virginia Council of Home Care Agencies, Inc.

Marcia Tetterton, Executive Director