The Council of State Home Care Associations


To unify, strengthen and empower state associations representing home care so they are best positioned to serve their members.


To serve as a vehicle for all state associations to communicate a consistent message for the future of home care.


  • An independent body serving state and national association members
  • Collaborative in endeavors with national associations and agencies
  • Promoting and serving as leaders among associations
  • Proactive and strategic in anticipating and meeting association needs
  • Transparent in Council governance and management

Primary Message

"In a patient-centered health care system, the home is the preferred setting for cost-effective care that is accountable to both the patient and the payer. Home care and hospice agencies deliver safe, quality care at every state of life - optimizing health and maximizing choices and independence."

2021 Board of Directors


Evan Reinhardt, Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care, Inc.

Dean Chalios, California Association for Health Services at Home

Maegan Martin, Tennessee Association for Home Care

Immediate Past Chair
Tim Rogers, Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina, Inc./South Carolina Home & Hospice Association

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